New T-Shirt Idea

Hey this is a shirt idea I thought of… I’d have the hornblasters shocker logo on the front, with a ring around it, in the center of the chest… And I was thinking I would get that printed in Glow in the Dark ink,or maybe black like ink so at nite time, ur chest peice would glow like Iron Man…
Havent decided on the just the circle to get that color ink, or the whole front peice…

Then on the back it would read the quote… “Train Horns are my Anti-Drug”

Would like to hear everyones opinion, thoughts, suggestions on this one…

or you could have the “train horns my anti drug” on the front like how it looks from the ads and t shirts, that kind of style. and then on the back have the shocker. I like your idea tho. looks tight

twist get in aim gotta show u something

aight i got you… give me a few mins ill make a template up

ok i think this will be my last post i’m not ready to change

lol your one of those people… hating on change

Dont whore up this thread guys…

Workin on the idea

heres the second idea

The anti drug on the front on the back

i like the anti drug part change the back to big block letters that take up the whole back of the shirt

good stuff guys!!!

shocker on the back would look sick

^ cant wait till you make these up dude.

Waitin to see what matt things of them

He will love the idea.

Any word?

matt hasnt said anything on them… so their stuck in limbo…lol

ah. true. I should just go down to the mall and make myself one lol

haha… embroidery isnt the same…lol its actually retarded…lol

haha it isn’t embroidery. I dont know how they do it. all I know is that I got a friend to make t shirts for a hs rivalry football game and they ended up nice. If it is embroidery then im not doing it lol.

silk screen is what i do