New HornBlasters DVD?

Do we have a release date yet?

I think matt said he had around 30 hours of footage to go through… so it will be awhile.

Oh, and I just added another 6mins…

Sorry Matt, but hope you like what you see and hear on the events page, MissBanzai Tunnel Run!!!

PMSL…And as always…silence… Wot is it with you Milster… hahahahahahahahaha… You crack me up!!! lol lol lol
(is it me or…)

One post Chalkie from me and threads seem to vanish into cyberspace PMSL!!!

Apparently, Matt & I are going scaring after SEMA in Hollyweird (Hollywood) - so add some more footage to the total - from California!

Hey, Lance

When you and Matt go to Hollywood stop by Lakewood :Dand Help me Install my K3 LOL.

Make sure you do some on honking at celebs, or outside their houses…:wink:

what kinda honk set up is going on these days and in what?

If I can find the time to get the valve and horn bolted up, and another bung welded into my primary tank - then my K5LA will be in effect.

Otherwise, I have my S-4s on tap - along with the 100W PA system that’s going into my Tundra this weekend…

System: see my sig - same Tundra

i meant the terror on the streets vehicle or is it going to be a bunch of different set ups in the vid? I know they sold the marauder but don’t know if they’re using the same set up in a different car