New Horner

Ok, so I purchased a nightmare kit from Hornblasters 2-3 weeks ago for my 2016 f350 crew utility body…After the purchase I decided to return the Viair pump, and get an Oasis 4000, with an additional 5gal. tank… Mainly for the ability to run air tools. I installed the pump, and twin tanks in the truck utility body, so far so good!..Next step will be installing the Shockers under the truck…In between, I also picked up an early 1990’s CSX/ K-5la’s off ebay… For some reason, I prefer the sound of the early k-5’s…My plan is to add the K-5’s ontop of my racecar trailer, and an additional remote 20gal. tank in the trailer for more air capacity…Also when “hitched up”, the plan is to use either 1 or both horns!:)…So now I’ve done some more thinking, and was wondering if anyone has ever attempted to separate the Nathan bells, and add separate solenoids to each bell in an attempt to play musical tunes like the “dixie horns” for example??? I would think with some proper timers, and relays, you could make some really cool tunes!..So, has anyone attempted, or thought of this yet?? And yes, sorry for the long winded 1st post…

Welcome to the forum! it is actually possible to separate the nathan K bell series horns. sells remote mounting brackets for the K3’s and K5LA’s. I will have to say its gonna be a lot of work but, if you got time and patience then its possible. you would need 5 1/2 in solenoids from either RTH or HB, a lot of wire, relay’s and you would have to find where you are going to mount your switches and buttons at. If you can do the above, then, its possible :slight_smile: Hell, If I can cram a K3HA onto a Honda Accord, anything is possible! lol!

Yeah!, I think the piping and separate solenoids would be the easiest part…Proper timing, and adjustability of when the bells are playing is going to take a bit more thought…I just think it would be really cool! Play tunes like “jingle bells” @ Christmas, ect.

I sopose I could hit the buttons manually… But playing music is not a strong point for me. Lol! I’m going to talk with a friend of mine that times his Christmas lights on his house to music…Once I get the wiring schematic figured out on paper, the rest should be easy.

If you want the best info or tips on how to make musical train horns, get in touch with Dana at the Horn & Whistle board … google the “Great American Horn Machine” for inspiration :slight_smile:

Wow! That’s awesome! It actually sounds like he’s playing a pipe organ…

Another little known factoid passed onto me by the old man himself: The original Oscar Mayer wiener mobile used the three bells of a Nathan P124 set up on solenoids and blown in order of 1-2-4-2-1-2-4-2 which he helped them set up. He also made five sets of locomotive horns for the Canadian Centennial trains which blew the 1st four notes of the national anthem of Canada, also made two sets using his tremendous KM ship horns, mounted originally on the BC Hydro building and sounded daily at noon, these horns are still in use today, mounted on a big hotel next to where the old Hydro building was. He was the original musical horn creator!!