New in Port Richey, FL

Been hearing about from the CowHeadShow (local radio) for a while and finally picked up a set for my Dodge Neon.

Looking forward to using them later tonight!


Sweet man…post up some pics n videos…

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I’ll get some pics soon. I didn’t make it home in time to finish the install before dark. I got all 4 horns mounted and had just enough time to toss it all on to a batt and …cough… test for leaks. :smiley:

It’ll likely be the weekend before I get to finish it with relays/switches/remote control via alarm output.

(remote control is for the neighborhood stray cat that sprays my yard).


Welcome from another FL Native!

Welcome. A video of the stray cat jumping out of its skin from a horn blast would be great!

Heck yeah!


Added an install post with some details about my plans. All of which should be completed tomorrow and pics added.

Pending mod approval that is… :confused: