New Install on F-250

Been following you guys for a couple of years without posting. Have thoroughly enjoyed it. Anyway a year and a half ago bought a K5LA, 8.5 gal tank, couple of compressors, etc from Hornblasters and for some reason put all the “stuff” in the garage for over a year. 4 months ago I got ambitious and installed it on my truck. Could’nt figure how to get pics on website so hopefully this link will take y’all to my pictures. I may have overkilled some of the install but it has worked flawless thanks to the discussions. As the pics show I can either honk w/ switch #1 (full on) or use the GW valve. Electrical connections are under the rear seat in the Du-Ha. The compressor intakes are behind the back of the backseat so they pull in cabin air. I installed a Air Zenith gauge to the left of the steering wheel in a gauge pod. Also ran an air line to truck rear for remote air. From the sides of the truck you can see the horns as well as the tank if you are looking close. Other than the remote air dump solenoid neither the tank or the horns hang lower than the truck skid plate. Just could not bring myself to scrap the spare tire. That’s why I mounted the horns sans manifold. Thanks again for all the help.


Welcome to the forum, nice install and enjoy those horns!

Thanks for the pics. Your install looks nice and thorough.

Nice install, I’m an NCSU graduate that now lives in TX. Just purchased a Hornblasters horn for my new Ford F250. Getting ready to install and reading all the install threads for help.

Thanks all for looking at pics. Hetsport, I graduated from NCSU in '81 so y’all can do the age math. Maybe age has something to do w/ the reason for this post extension (mid-life crisis??). Just wonder if anybody has the same feeling about the horn experience as I have. While I have always wanted an air horn just did not feel it was financially possible until recently. Anyway I have had horns installed for 5-6 months now. Believe me I have had extreme fun w/ them. But for some reason I suffer post-install depression syndrome. I thoroughly enjoyed the install process. Planning, measuring, drilling, buying more stuff, researching forum, sanding, painting, wiring, figuring out relays, wiring upfitter switches to firewall pass thru wires, researching forum again, and the lists goes on. Everyday I looked forward to the challenge. Then the day (after 2 months) came and I was finished. I spiked the ball in the end zone and declared victory. And for a while I had some serious fun with those horns and still do. But soon after came the feeling of void. I miss the installation process of those damn horns. Am I the only one who has ever felt like this. I need to know!!!

Wow. Very nice install man. I’m wanting to put a graham white valve in mine. Any tips. Got any more pix of the bracket itself? I need to redo all of my wiring, get a larger tank and another compressor.

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Thanks crazycrew. There is no bracket. I simply removed driver’s seat and drilled 2 holes thru side of the console matching mounting holes on the GW valve. Console is double-walled. I took 2 pcs of hollow tubing (for the bolts to pass thru)and put them thru the drilled holes and cut them flush on each side of the console so when I tightened the bolts they would not compress the console’s double-wall which has about an inch of hollow space between the 2 walls. Measured and sized correctly there will be no play in the setup. I used round headed bolts (carriage bolts w/ square hips ground flush) so not to interfere w/ side of seat. Airlines are angled back penetrating floorpan to T-connector as well as manifold shown in pic. Used rubber grommets at penetration points. Round metal hole drill bit is key to making perfect hole in floor.

10-4. Thanks man

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yeah I too wanna put a GW on my P5’s on my newest ride…tired of the push button route

Awesome install!

Thanks avfrog. And to others for the welcomes and compliments.

Nice work. Where in NC are you? I terrorize the streets of Durham, and venture to surrounding counties alot. Some of the video in my sig is from Raleigh, actually.

Richard I am right up the road in Roxboro. Would love to hear your horns sometime. I am usually at the Golden Corral restaurant as you drive into town.

You must be really proud of your team right now. It will be really tough but they might have a perfect season.

Yeah Dan it has been a good ride lately. But not too far removed from the Favre saga and the 29 years of mediocre teams in the 70’s and 80’s to realize things can turn on an injury or two. So Packer fans are optimistic yet reserved.

Sorry, name is Darren actually. This is just a stupid board name I use on the forums. :slight_smile:

You definitely aren’t too far away. I live in off of Latta Rd in north Durham, behind the Ford dealership. I occasionally head up your way…to Neb King to get race gas, or to a friends house off Old Allensville Rd.

I think it’s a very clever forum name when converted to slang…LOL

Yeah, we’ve had a couple Richards around here…LOL

A friend gave me the username for the forums. I liked it. :smiley:

Darren, I bought my truck at that dealership. Good folks there. Anyway look me up next trip to the small city.