New K5HLA setup

Finally got all the parts and pieces in for my new install of my nathan airchime K5HLA with Air Zenith’s dual OB2 compressors and dual Air Zenith 5gal tanks. Here are a few photos of my K5 and dual OB2s and dual tanks.

You going to paint em?

Nope I like the bare metal look. I have thought bout painting them white and black but as of now just bare metal. Will get everything mounted this next weekend hopefully. Got to finish up cuttin hay before I can get started installing.

Well I dont have the K5s on yet. Got carried away doing another project with FTE diesel. So I have been in the process of adding a single 7in stack kit, so my original horn setup idea has to be re thought of. But here is a quick pic of FTE’s single stack kit.

Should be lots of room to the rear now. Looks good too.

i love diesels with stacks! looks great. now post a video black smoking!

Started on the install tonite doing a little brainstorming, and here is kinda what I came up with.

Still need to clean out the truck bed before install. Along with begin cutting and fabbing up a quick bracket to mout compressors between tanks(like they are sitting) and then begin mounting everything in place.

Still brainstorming on electrical part. As I would like to find a clean waterproof inclosure to mount the electrical relays.

Also got the K5 mounted will get pics posted up soon! Only problem is the 1L, 1, and 2 bells hang below the truck while 3, and 4A bells are hidden. So may find a Low mamifold to fully conceal all 5bells.

Also my Air Zenith digital gauge is finally being shipped out so will be doing an under dash gauge mount. Along with adding a fuel pressure gauge and HPOP gauge.

Hoping to hurry and get this install finished along with new fuel system and turbo on my truck and possibly stage 3 hybrid injectors!!! Will post pics as I go along.

So you couldn’t fit em under the truck huh? Oh well, gotta do what you gotta do…

Anyway, that’s a pretty compact setup. I like the chrome AZzzz

I could fit them but I dont want to hide the chrome AZ may add some accent lighting in the bed to really help the setup stand out.

Got the K5 finally tucked up and mounted in place.

Also I am currently pulling the 4gauge wire back to where the compressors will be along with the air line from the K5.

Now just need to get to fabbing up the brackets to mount the tanks and compressors.