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I probably should have done this PRIOR to making a few posts … :slight_smile:

I’m Paul, and I live in Central Massachusetts. I’m 49, married with 4 children, and live near Worcester. I found hornblasters doing an internet search and really liked the web page, the assortment of kits, and many of the videos and forum posts.

In Mass, we have the reputation of being “Mass-holes”. :rolleyes: Actually there are many fine people here, but the other 99% ruin it for the rest of us :wink:

Insofar as drivers go, Boston HAS to be the coldest and rudest place to be: Traffic is grossly over congested. Over time they’ve had to develop a maze of one-way streets to accommodate the volume - during rush hour it’s insane. God help you if you need to slow down even momentarily because you’re unsure of where you’re going. You’ll get horned, yelled at, flipped off because someone ELSE had to pause 5 seconds to wait for YOU. It’s the worst.

“Punks” come in many sizes and shapes. In Boston many of them wear suits and ties. If you’re stopped at an intersection waiting for a green light, expect jaywalkers: Many times I’ve had a light turn green only to have someone look right at the light, look right at my vehicle, and then proceed to walk right across the front of my truck while gabbing on their phone or drinking their coffee: Just a blatant F-you. And while we all get annoyed when we see people driving around texting or talking on their phones, here we also have people driving in and out of the city while reading their newspapers or memo’s, or whatever. So by the time I get to work, I’m already aggravated and stressed… and my day is just beginning.

I liked the slogan “Don’t get mad, blow your horn” on the Hornblasters web page. When I called into Hornblasters, Rigo was very helpful. He hooked me up with a K5LA kit that I am eagerly awaiting to receive this week.

What I also will be needing is “Plausible Deniability”. Blowing a big horn in a downtown metropolitan area, with that blasting sound ricocheting down the streets between tall buildings is surely asking for trouble. I’ll probably mount the compressor/tank in my truck bed tool box. I’m thinking about modifying an old tire and mounting the horns inside it with something fabricated, and then placing that back where the spare used to be. I can’t of course escape a thorough police search. But I may be able to evade a quick on-street visual once over by a Boston cop :slight_smile:

Anyway, just wanted to say hello, and I look forward to exchanging posts with you guys. Please be patient with me, as I’ve never modified any vehicle I’ve owned, although I am a construction contractor, among other things.


Welcome to the forum! and it was my please to help you out the other day and I can guarantee you that you will love this horn!

Yes, welcome, this forum can be a lot of fun as well as informative.

Welcome to the forum!

I dont think you’ll be able to hide a K5LA inside a tire… lol they are bigger than you think =)

Thanks guys, good to be here.

Yeah, I dunno. I’ll have to wait until I get it later this week. I have a 2004 Silverado, and the spare tire of course, is mounted beneath the bed and toward the back of the truck.

My thought is to get an old truck tire and (1) cut one of the sidewalls off, (2) cut open a section of the tire face, and (3) use an old air filter cover to support the remaining sidewall and attach the horns onto. The open tire face section would allow the trumpets to protrude through and not affect the sound. The existing hardware that the spare tire normally is mounted with underneath the bed could be used to attach to the air filter cover (or something fabricated as a facsimilie).

I know it’s Mickey Mouse insofar as a clean sexy install goes, but if the only thing visible from the back of the truck, or even the sides beneath the bed is a spare tire, it might help evade detection. That’s my primary goal.

Any other suggestions would of course be greatly appreciated!


welcome to the forum!

just mount that sucker on the roof!

Welcome, lots of laughs and helpful info here.

welcome, Its always fun blasting rude people… and as for questions ask away. Installing your horns is a relatively simple process (It takes time) but if you have questions we are here to help. Once its in, its well worth it.

… along with the flame-smoke thrower and fog lights :slight_smile:

Many downtown Boston parking garages are so tightly designed they barely allow a full size pick-up truck/SUV to fit in.

Urban assault is a different beast :smiley:

Welcome to the forum… My aunt lives in boston…ill prolly visit her next yr…altho im dreadin the drive, i may just fly…