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I haven’t made up my mind on what horns to buy. I’m leaning towards the shocker. I recently purchased a VIAIR Heavy Duty Onboard Air System, an additional 400C, and another Viair 2.5 gallon tank. I will do the install myself as I am a Welder/Machinist/Fabricator. I have a crew cab Duramax and plan on making the tanks and compressors visible but, want the horns undetectable to someone searching for them. Any ideas where to hide them?

Welcome to the forum! Good choice on all of the above! The guys here will give you a lot of ideas and also check out our gallery of past customer’s installs! Feel free to call to order or if you have any questions at all!

Welcome to the forums! If you got the money go straight to the nathan’s you wont be dissapointed.


Ive never had a chevy to really look around but theres gotta be lot of room behind that big front bumper you could probably fit some horns lol…

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Welcome to the forum. Too bad you already have compressors or I’d suggest getting an Oasis.

Welcome to the forums. There’s probably room to fit them somewhat out of sight, but totally hiding them from somebody might be tough. Especially if they’re actually looking for them - like you mentioned. Where there’s a will, there’s a way though…

Hiding the Shockers is a lot easier, so they’re a good choice if that’s what’s important to you. It really depends on the vehicle. I’m not familiar with how much room there is on the Duramax, but a position that’s generally quite hidden is the space between the bumper or front moulding and the radiator. Modern cars tend to have a top moulding or cowling over the radiator as well which further shields that cavity from prying eyes.

In my car I initially started with Shockers behind the grill and later installed a K3 (see here). With the front of the car put back on and whilst I still had a bottom bash plate, they were essentially impossible to see. Nowadays you can easily spot them from underneath, but they’re also a lot louder as a result.

Also check out the install I did on the wife’s car (see signature for link for the Swift). They are the Shockers and they’re also totally hidden behind the front bumper / skirt.

Seeing that you have a utility, consider putting them and the compressor into a box at the back of the car. Just be mindful not to block the front of the trumpets in close proximity as that will really affect the sound output.

What part of norcal are you from?

I’m from Oakley. I don’t have a utility bed (on my own truck) just my work rig that is company owned. I’m thinking of putting the horns in front of the rear wheel in between the truck bed and the fender. It looks like an ideal space if I can access it. Thoughts?

It is indeed a great spot if you can get them mounted.
Are you worried about hiding the tank and compressor too?

Onboard air is pretty common so I’m not worried about the compressors or tanks. I an also thinking of custom fab a front bumper to house the horns.
If I put a 90° on the end of the horns so they would fire straight down, would it alter the sound too much?

I wouldn’t put something directly over the end of the horn if that’s what you mean.

There are pictures of installs where the horns are behind a bumper. Aimed 2 to the right & 2 to the left and called it good. Don’t worry, they’ll be loud.