New member from Tennessee.

I just joined the forum. I hope to find a lot of information here. Once I gain some experience with horns, I will try to help out as much as I can.


welcome to the forums!

Welcome! and let us know if we can help you with any questions you may have

Welcome! We’ll try to answer any questions you’ve got for us!

Welcome to the forum. What part of Tennessee?

Thanks. I’m in Nashville. I work nights and it’s kinda’ slow, so I should be on here quite a bit. I can’t wait to get my horns and get them installed. Thanks for making a guy feel welcome.

I feel feisty today so let’s see how much trouble I can stir up…:smiley:

Naa, I better not or they might kick me off the forum. There are other horn forums that can be informative too, see the thread “Guys on Horn and Whistle Board whine like little girls…”.

Just keep in mind that both forums are here to help you with your horns.

welcome to the forum

lol at dan. Its getting ridiculous, both sides. if they dont like blasting then they can have their forum and they dont have to come over here and try to lecture us about not scaring infants and senior citizens… most of us have some sort of dignity. and on the flip side we dont have to go over to their forum and tell them to F*ck.

It finally got to the point where that “rant” thread was locked on the other forum…lol.

just be warned if you go there and you plan on trying to scare anyone with your horn even a squirl you’ll prolly be yelled at and proly hung from a tree from those people


haha. words from a wise man