new member here in FL

whats up everybody i’ve been a big fan of hornblasters for a while and just recently had the money to actually get some horns myself… what would anyone say is a good kit to start out with?

Welcome to the forums! Any of the S4 Shocker horn hits are great to start out with and are probably the best you can get untill you decide to move into the actual train horns such as nathan’s and leslie’s

I have 2 sets of the S4 horns on my truck and love them and they get used daily!

Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forums

Hola’ como estas?

welcome honky, what part of fl you from? :smiley:

welcome s4 is a great setup!

Welcome to the forum! S4 is great to start out with

Hey all out thier! Glad to come aboard the train of fame, sadly out hear in san antonio i have heard no-one blasting? So the city is all to myself.:d

That’s surprising considering San Antonio is the 9th largest city in the US, or was not too long ago. Maybe you should start a train horn business there.