new member. need input

let me start off by saying i’m not big into train horns and what not but they are pretty sweet! i currently run two of [u]THESE[/u] as my normal horn which are fun and different but i know they are nothing compared to actual train/air horns.

my question though is i want to add something a little louder to play around with so i bought [u]THIS LITTLE SET UP:o[/u] to try it out but i don’t really know what to expect. will it be a noticeable improvement over the small air horns i already have or did i just waste my money? what else is there out there that will be louder for $250 or less?

I started my horn hobby also by buying a kit on ebay from siege engineering. I said, how much better could the HB kits be… Well i learned by that mistake… I ended up having to upgrade pretty much everything from the kit except for the compressor since it was a viair. If i would have went wit a HB kit from the get go, I would have saved $.

IMO, return that kit , save up a little more and buy one of the hornblasters shockers kit… Quality parts will last you longer and keep that smile on your face instead of constant fixing / frustration.

thanks for your response. $250 is about my limit since i’m not really wanting to get to deep into it. i’m more into lighting and what not. i think i’ll try to this kit to see what it sounds like first and see what its all about. do you think it will sound decent enough to scare a few people? (not my main interest/use but it’s always fun. lol) there’s like one train/air horn in my town and i think his is very similar to the one i bought but i’m not sure. i just want more than the two little ones i have now which i use as my primary horn.

i have everything installed in a locking tool box in the bed which is bolted down with some “hidden” bolts so hopefully nobody will try to mess with it. i actually exchanged the horns for 16 inch horns which will arrive wednesday so hopefully they will sound decently. when i get everything done i will post some pictures some where so you guys can judge my work.

they sent me a gauge which i want to use but i have no idea how to make it work. i want it to monitor the pressure in the tank but i’m not sure how to make it do so. i have an uncle that works for a rail road company(georgia pacific maybe? not sure.) and he works with stuff like that but he’s out of town all the time so its hard to catch him when he has time to mess with stuff, especially with two young kids. theres only one wire coming out of the back so i’m assuming thats for the light?

Welcome to the forum. You may not be into horns but once you hear them compared to some authentic Airchimes, you’ll get the bug to upgrade…LOL

i’ve only heard one set of k5la’s and yes they where pretty impressive but i just cannot see spending almost $1000 on horns. lol i just like admiring all the baddonkey set ups on this forum with no intention to ever own one. lol i’m sure this little plastic 16" three bell one is going to be the loudest in my town. lol i tested everything today and the pressure switch worked, compressor worked, and had no leaks so i’m set for when they come in tomorrow. i really want to get the gauge working but i’m not sure if i’ll have enough line left over yet…