new mods to the silverado

Got some new mods , and did some detailing!

Front windows 35% tint and windshield strip of limo.

Added a “Big Horn Edition” emblem that is on the rams. (its quite fitting for the train horns) :wink:

Washed , Clay Barred (meguiars kit) , and going to wax tommorow (ran out of daylight, damn daylight savings time)
But as is took me about 1-1/2 - 2 hours to claybar it! Cant believe the difference in feel and how much crap i took off of it especially around the rockers!

Also had to get new brake pads and rotors (only have 19k on stock ones too! wore out fast , they were squeeling like a virgin! Ended up going with Durelast C-max ceramic pads, very quiet, and a nice kit, and duralast rotors.

Now for the pics!

BTW- I have an extra big horn edition emblem that i’m selling on ebay…

lol that emblem is great

truck looks nice… i like the emblem…might have to get me one

awww you aughta hook a brotha up i need one of those emblems for my ram! lol

Nice man.

I need to whip out the clay bar soon

Thanx all!

I got out of work early again today and put a coat of wax on it. Ended up trying the Turtle wax “ICE”! And i gotta say its some sweet poop! Smells great, goes on easy , makes the black plastic pieces look new and gets rid of the white residue from the old style waxes. I dont know if i would go back to a traditional wax now like meguiars gold class , or others… I cant tell how great the shine is now or if there any swirls , but it looks good so far. Was getting dark as i was doing the final wipe.

The thing i’m happy about now is its all protected for winter!

Version , or anyone else on this site… If you win the emblem on ebay , let me know and i will knock a $1 off shipping for ya

I didnt know that chevy makes the “big horn edition” i thought that dodge made that. Looks funny though

I hope ur joking! or u didnt read his very first post! lol