New person?

So, I ordered a new SMC valve and in the box was a card from landon heller or something like that… Is there a new guy or owner?

Could be Matts brother?


Landon = Matt

LOL I see makes sense now…

Yeah totally clear now???:confused: lol

So Stunty, you spoke with the messiah “God of Horns” lol…

google confirms…

this is on twitter

*  Name Matt Landon Heller
* Location Zephyrhills, FL
* Web http://www.hornbl...
* Bio I am the owner of Hornblasters, you may have seen one of my Terror on the Streets videos. Check back for news and updates on Hornblasters

lol no one knew that?




We call him Landon when his wrist goes limp. It usually happens during full moons.

Lamby Landon

Change one letter and his name is London… lol

Where is Landon these days? dont see much of him around here anymore?