New ride = soon time for horns!

Howdy y’all!!

Just went out and got me a 1994 F350 7.3l IDI. Got it by trading a vehicle I haven’t used in about 2 years, so basically this truck was free:D As of now top priority is mechanical issues, it needs a tranny (have it, just need installed) body work, stacks and some train horns! I am going to pull the bed off and put a flatbed on it. Which gives me lots of extra room between the rear wheel and the cab to do a horn setup and not be too much lower than the bottom of the truck frame. Somehow though I think I’m going to “box” them in with a angle iron frame and expanded metal, this SHOULD provide added security and protect them from any major road debris. Probably going to put my dual Viairs on and my 12 gallon tank. It’s a project truck so progress will be slow but hopefully steady. Please share any comments and ideas!!

Stacks? That’s so 2005!

That’s just awesomeness!! It’s bloody huge!! :smiley:

:eek: Take that back, stacks are awesome ( when done right) LOL

Thanks, it is certainly the biggest pickup truck I’ve ever owned. Go big or go home, right? Lol:D

Stacks are cool Heck i still like side pipes on the right vehicle:)

What other plans do you have for the truck once the horn installs finished

Air ride ??
Vinyl wrap it ??
Bigger wheels ??

Thanks, as of now here are the mods in the order I wanna do them. Of course all this is after it’s running 100%.

1- remove current bed and sandblast/paint the rear frame.
2- replace front fenders with new replacements and paint the cab/front clip. Probably going to go with either cherry red or OD green
3- build custom flatbed
4- HORNS, I wanna put my k3 on and a set of shockers
5- interior stuffs- window tint, seat covers, custom center consol, good radio with some subs, etc

After that it’s all “to be decided”. I don’t want this to be a beater but it ain’t going to be no show truck either. Probably stick with stock tire size just to make towing easier. Maybe air ride since I’ll have on board air, haven’t really looked into it though.

Actually I can see stacks on a flatbed. :slight_smile:

HOPEFULLY I can pull off the look I want, I wanna do stacks between the cab and the front of the flatbed. The flatbed won’t have a full headache rack, just something that comes up to about the level of the rear window.

Nice truck. I don’t even know where I would park that thing.

Yeah, I’m thinking side exhaust discharging right in front of the K3 - Give it that authentic diesel soot patina! :smiley:

Hmmm… ;):rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::D:D

Me only slightly green with envy! I shall be following your progress with anticipation :smiley: :smiley: how long is the truck?

Man, all you guys are really giving me the itch to dive into this project!! I’m at the mercy right now of my mechanic (it’s my buddy and he is doing all the mechanical work for free, including getting me new batteries and any other part it may need, so I don’t have a lot of room for complaints about progress:o)

As for length, well…
8ft bed +
~4ft engine bay +
~6-7ft cab

= (very) roughly 18 feet. :eek::D:D


The horn install is a good ways out yet but I thought I would share the whole tear down and rebuild process. I know this will be off the topic of horns for awhile but I really like hearing everyone’s thoughts/suggestions on everything else ;):o:p

We OFFICIALLY started work on the truck, slowly though Haha:rolleyes: First thing on our list is the transmission. We got a used one and are currently rebuilding it. The one in the truck is damaged and we don’t wanna take the chance of any issues. First pics are what’s left of the current transmission, next picture is the new one torn down :eek: way to many moving parts in these things for my backyard mechanic skill. The last picture is where I think the new home of my compressors will be, moving some wires around and building a shelf above the wheel well I think it will hold my two Viairs nicely, and being within inches of the battery, wiring will be a breeze. My buddy is out of town this week so the tranny work is at a standstill, but by the end of the week the truck should be bed-less, which will let me start frame work for the flatbed.

Um, I think this May be an issue LOL

New Tranny in literally a couple hundred pieces lol, what you can’t see is the dozens of zippy bags with tiny parts in them :rolleyes:

The compressors future home, the area is actually almost 1ftX1ft behind the battery tray

Got the bed pulled today, managed to break a window while doing it :mad::mad:

She’s naked! :eek: haha

Minor flesh wound:p