New Server Architecture

In light of recent security concerns (e.g. OpenSSL’s heartbleed bug), we have upgraded our servers and strengthened our security guidelines. Our new implementation supports much stronger key exchanges, perfect forward secrecy, Strict Transport Security, and the SPDY protocol.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems with our new infrastructure, please feel free to send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Also please note: as with other HornBlasters websites, we have dropped support for Internet Explorer 6-8 on Windows XP (please do not message me about this).

Sounds good thanks for the update.

We’re dealing with Windows XP issues so I understand. We held out as long as we could but it looks like we’re being forced to update. (don’t tell the boss I said this but "It’s about time!..LOL)

No kidding – its 12 years old already! Even Microsoft officially dropped support on April 8th (the day Heartbleed was announced) due its vulnerabilities.

Much appreciated!

Windows XP is dead, long live … Windows 8! Erm, wait, wtf?

At home I have 7 on my laptop and 8 on my desktop, I prefer 7. They’re developing 9 so how long before Vista gets dropped?

April 11, 2017. I use Start8 with Windows 8. Find it a bit faster than 7 honestly but 8.1 was awful.

Thank God I was warned about 8.1

mac user here, Insert hateful bashing comments here lol J/K. My parents still use Xp. Pretty much when the computer craps out they will buy a new one with what ever said operating system it has on it.

There is a registry hack where you can still get windows XP updates if you trick Windows Update into thinking you are running ‘Windows XP Embedded’. But it can cause trouble since some of the updates may not apply to joe shmow consumer XP