new set up help!!

Hey guys I am about to place my order here is the list tell me what you all think about it b4 i order it!
Here is what my install will be like.
I plan on putting the tank in my trunk and the three horns somewhere up front under the hood.
I am going to but the gauge and all the switches in a hidden compartment in the console.(so if i get pulled over i dont get into trouble)

here is the stuff.

  1. Viair 110/150 PSI Pressure Switch with Built-in Relay
    2.Black Outlaw 127VX Train Horn Kit
    3.Viair 160 PSI 2" Air Gauge
    4.ViAir Air Source Relocation Kit

what do you all think about the horn? scale one to ten how loud is it? and how far can you hear it from?

I know all this is alot but i need to know this stuff b4 i spent 500 bucks on something lol
Thanks Guys.

I say go for the Shockers horns. they are 4 horns and are mounted with individual manifolds. I could fit them on my accord pretty easily and they sound amazing. I started off with this kit
You wont be disappointed. Its very loud at 145psi has a tad bit more air than the kit you want and you can get the discount if you tell them you are a forum member I believe.

just like twist says get some shockers!

shockers ftw!! make sure you get 200 psi!

for his budget 150 is fine. 200 is loud. but they can squeak at 200 too, its all what you want

I dont belive the 127vx will be the best kit for you due to the fact that it only has one outlet port so using the air source relocation kits will not be as easy as you owuld hope for it to be due to you having to tap into the air lines vs just the ports on the tanks. As advised before the shocker kits would be better for you application

i see yall mentioned this so called SQEAK i have not experianced this though. and i have had them for a while

what is the SQEAK?

Several people on the forum, including a couple of my friends, have had problems with the Shockers squeaking or squealing at 200 PSI. Not everyone seems to have this problem but some do.