New set up on Tacoma

pic of my compressor that my friend screwed to a piece of metal that we welded to my frame…

anothr pic of my compressor

this is my bracket for my horns…we heated a piece of metal then bent it in the perfect angles to weld to the bottum of my bed

repping hornblasters sticker

my switches…

nice setup!
I think you should add a bit of flat bar for reinforcement of the compressor mount. they look like the welds might break sometime in the future. :wink:

Is that a 96 97 98 tacoma. I have a 96. what size bfg you have on it. good setup Im putting my tank in my tool box and conpressor in the bed.

Nice and clean

its a 2000…its actually a 2.4, 4 cylinder so its suppose to be real low to the ground so the lift on it isnt from pre runner height so its hard to judge…but the tires are 31’s…and you guyz think the horns should be fine like that or do i have to weld a bar to support the front of the horns?

i did this install : )

nice install bro like it