New setup for the k3=D

Heres some pictures of my jeep and how i have my k3 set up now =].

looks good man, im liking the fogs up front

ok now all the pics are up=] nd thanks, got 2 sets of hids its so bright

thats much better lol. I like it. good job


zip ties ftw again?

lmao.yes. Only for that and those are industrial* ftw

bonnets need to be in your future. looks good reminds me of my old beloved cherokee(best car i ever had)

nice set up bro i will be getting those brackets soon how does it sound??? Also what size air tank u have???

Its always great to see my work on peoples vehicles. Thanks again sir.

I have bonnets for sale on ebay if you need them.

Sounds awesome and i have a 5 gallon

Baller…looks sweet man

So, uh, what did you do with the manifold? I’ll take it off your hands lol

Farmer69 has it.

Its right here. :slight_smile:

lol i knew he would have it