New setup questions for horns

Ordered a ViAir480c compressor and two 1/4 electric valves along with a 90/120 switch.

I have a 125 max PSI 5 gallon tank that I salvaged from my shop compressor that blew a head gasket.

I am putting this all on my F350.

My plans are to run a line to the underhood for airtool hookups, another to the back for airtool hookups and then run a manual switches for the electric valves. One will be powering a regular semi air horn for normal use and the other for play, not sure what type yet… was origionally going to do a (dozerboymiller) PVC k5la type train horn or perhaps a shocker XL horn setup.

My questions are:

I have an enclosed metal tool box in the bed of my truck that I am planning on putting the compressor alone in it, would it be ok to leave the air filter in there with it? The toolbox inside size is 57" long, 18"high and 18" wide. It is sealed very tight. Will the compressor get enough air or would it overheat during normal use/driving? I cant see me needing to run it too much… If I was using the tool air plugs, I could always leave the box cover open.

AND would 1/4 valves provide enough air for the semi horn or shocker setup? Or should I run another seperate 1/2 line and valve for the “play horns”?

The tank will be mounted under the truck almost identical spot as the compressor.


I have 2 compressors and the air tank in a tool box in bed, no problems and my compressors run alot when i drive haha.

As for the valve, I say get a 1/2 valve and be done with it, they will be louder. I know the one set of shockers comes with a 1/4 inch valve, but I say just go with the 1/2 inch.

Welcome to the forum. It’s recommended by all compressor manufacturers to put your air filter in a dry location so the tool box is fine unless the top is open and it’s raining.

Thanks guys!