New setup

I will be installing a new air system soon… Within the next 3 days or so. Just waiting on the new air tank. I got a dual Viair 450c compressor kit and an 8.5 gallon tank to replace the single 400c and 5 gallon tank. The reason for the new system is the 400 took a crap and I wanted to get a tank that has a port on the bottom to drain water. I will be putting it all inside an aluminum flush mount tool box in the bed… I’m going to have a couple of pieces of flat aluminum TIG’d in there, one to hold the compressors and another as a partition so I can put my air tools and such in there and not have them get scattered. I have the exact way I want to mount everything thought up already and not having everything is killing me lol. I really want to get it done. Anyway, I’ll be sure and post some pics of the new setup when it gets in and operational.

Planning is a good thing but waiting sucks. Looking forward to the pics.

I work for an acoustic company, I just built a box to put my tank and compressor in, which are in the bed of my truck with a cap on it, and now I can’t even hear it running . If you or anyone need some suggesstions on how to quite them down, give me a shout. I’ll give you some suggestions…or even hook you up with the materials you need.

I agree, but even worse than you waiting, is that we are now all waiting. You’re a big tease by making this thread. :rolleyes:

j/k, look forward to it. Hope it’s not going to be much longer.

Chipmunk …wtf? I mean WTF? your new and your spewing out all this chit?

New in a way. I’ve actually been a lurker for some time now. Just decided it was time to introduce myself since I am (finally) planning out ordering my first kit, so I finally registered.

Nothing wrong with whoring… and Tony, what kind of sound deadened can you get? lol

Did i miss something???

Chipmunk is getting his post count up, and tonys hating… haha

this thread makes me lawl

The tank got here last night about 7pm, so now I just have to see if I can get the aluminum welder dude to come do some welding on Sunday… But I doubt he will so it’s lookin like Monday will be the completion date. Shouldnt be too hard of an install, the only pain is the aluminum… I tried to find a similar steel toolbox but to no avail. If it was a steel box the thing would have been together last night.

Finally got the new system in… Holy JEEBUS it was a pain to plumb everything and get it to line up. First, the toolbox wouldnt fit right, had to mess with it for a while to get it to work, then the drain valve I put on the bottom was lower than the legs of the tank, had to washer the tank higher, then set everything in and get it lined up right… Took a couple days after work to get it right, but it’s finally done. Got one freakin air leak I need to tighten up but thats it. Here are a couple pics.

Still needs tidying up, but its operational. Been going thru withdrawals lately, not being able to scare folks lol