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for starters the 1200 dollar BOSE option that chevy offers is a scam. It is possibly the worst stereo ive ever had. Time to upgrade. The problem is bypassing the stock amp, keeping onstar, and keeping all steering controls functional take an electrical savy person. Ive always done all of my on installs on everything ive owned so i will figure this one out and document it for others who run into the problem of wanting to upgrade from BOSE. Ive always had BOSTON equipment(two pair of pro 60’s in jeep) but ive been impressed with diamond HEX series so I have purchased 2 pairs. For an amp. there are only a couple of options since the truck has no space for extras under or behind seats. you almost have to use a five channel so i bought an ALPINE PDX-5. these are pricey but amazing amps. it is 10 inch by 8 inch. birth sheet says 107 watts rms X4 + 367 watts rms X 1 (WOW) Im used to having a bd1000 thats twenty inches long to have that kind of power. with mono and D-series amps things are changing when it comes to size. Im going to use 1 13 inch subwoofer. It is a JL shallow mount 13 and it only need .8 cubic feet to operate. Its actually made for home audio. for a deck i have a kenwood kdc-x991(the best kenwood makes)It has 5 volt gold plated outputs and that is the reason I bought it. i will take pics when it all gets here. Im still waiting on amp and sub and have yet to build the box. should all be done in a few weeks

P.S. k3s are going on new truck sunday i will have pics and a video sunday night or monday

I have BOSE in my Maxima. The receiver part sucks but the CD player sounds awesome.

my mother has bose in her CADILLAC ESCALADE…but i dont know because whenever someone turns on their speakers…i flip a toggle switch and 2-100 watt speakers project my sound from the inside of my vehicle to outside my vehicle…

^^^^^^^ WHAT ^^^^^^^ :rolleyes::rolleyes:

anyway, i have the bose in my truck too and i think it sux too but i do like the steering wheel controls and the 6 disc changer. There is something you can buy to keep the steering wheel controls while changing the deck and i think its about 150 bux.

i wish there is a way…there probally a way…to intergrate the wheel controls to my horns

^^thats very easy

You might have a problem with the radio antenna too. Stupid Bose…

I’ve always thought the Bose sounds great for a factory system

get ur self a set of rainbow speakers…

i wish my truck had the buttons period, i have contemplated the thought of buying a steering wheel from a newer ford with the buttons but i wouldnt even know were to begin on installing it.

i already got diamond hex series. k5 its not horrible but for a 1200 dollar option it sucks. when your used to components for mids + highs then everything else sucks. my moms bmw stereo sounds great because all the speakers are made from composite material but the bose speakers are made from compressed paper :frowning:

Bose sucks for car stereos, I would only use it in a home stereo. but car audio its a no go imo.

if i had the choice to spend 1200 on a bose package, or 1200 on buying and installing my own speakers… you would find me down at best buy or circuit city…

Buy them online… you get better options and better prices. Best buy jacks up their prices SO much on certain speakers. on others, its better

im a very impation guy, i would usually rather pay a few more bucks to have them now… but it all depends on the money and the item i guess.

worst answer possible…they sell pos equipment

the only sound equipment i have ever bought for a truck was from a pawn shop… so i wouldnt really know, though i will sa circuit city did a half donkey job wiring my xm radio, paid $100 and had to redo it 6 months later.

hahah bestbuy lol honk that try they have exremely good prices plus to get better component speakers you almost have to go online. imo the diamond d9 components are the best out but they are 7 inch and you have fab mounts for them so they made d9 hex which reduces the sub by 1/2 inch so its applicable to more cars. they want 170 watts rms per pair which is a ton of power for mids made from kevlar and they offer silk dome tweets for smooth highs or aluminum for super crisp highs either way they are bad donkey. retail is 799 per pair but you can pick them up on ebay for around 200 a pair. i agree with you twist bose sucks for cars and is over priced for homes…but that wave radio is that sh!t

Oh yeah…Their was a guy at FSU college that had that. Those speakers were insanely loud!! Awesome for parties.

dude your system is insane i had a headache after i hopped out of your truck.