New stuff.....

i decided to make a board of my car/business for the weekly car show i attend

Soon to come…2 36" LED tubes 2 48" LED tubes

and…4-9" 7 Color Changing L.E.D Thin Line/Mini Tubes w/ Wireless REMOTE for my engine bay and back window

Where ru gettin the tubes from?? Cuz i know a site that sells some great ones… The kit sounds familar, might be the same place im gettin leds for my motorcycle…

Thats bad donkey

wish they had a weekly car show here its more like every 6 months

theres weekly car meets… not shows just meets for now… all shows are over locally…

yeah let me know how those tube work out too

heres the small engine bay kit, tomarrow i put on the underbody kit, damn lights are bright…im very happy with them

for the price i guess their aight

heres the underbody kit, they are very bright! pics dont do justice because my camera sucks… lots of compliments from people at the car show :slight_smile:

dang I need sunglasses:cool:. dude I like. I like a lot

damn a lot brighter than i thought they would be for led’s

thx twist!

i thought so too…i was very impressed!

our fudrucker’s has car meets every tuesday, mostly classics