New to all this!

Just purchased my first set of air horns and compressor. My all in one compressor and tank is what I have the question on. Can I split the two and mount the compressor in the cab where it is clean and dry? It says on the sticker that it must be installed in a cool and dry location. I just want to know if anyone else has done the same? Thanks :o

What kit have you got? Any pics?
Splitting the compressor all depends on the type you have?
Is it built INTO or ONTO the compressor?
Viair compressors can be mounted externally, so I am assuming, yours is not a Viair?

My picture won’t load but it is built into the tank. Its screwed to the tank assembly. The motor for the compressor fits inside the body of the tank.,d.aWw&psig=AFQjCNEeC5k3bwXOvks-qoLiNjZeXGTVKA&ust=1406718516758216

This is the style of my compressor. Thanks for your help!

Welcome to the forum. Air horns can be very air hungry so do you have any compressor specs for CFM, max pressure, and the tank’s capacity?

Me thinks it’s a little 1.5gallon tank, very similar to my first setup with my first set of Siege 3’s back in the day.

Volume is 3 liter so its a tiny tank, psi is 85 to 110 psi. The compressor can be removed by the three screws that hold the motor into the body of the tank. I’d like to mount the compressor in the cab and mount the tank on the frame. I purchased the tank with compressor and dual horns “used” but they have never been installed. I work as a tech in a auto repair shop so I know I can install this setup but just want to make sure I don’t burn up my truck. lol

If you are mechanically inclined, you should have no problem. You’ll just have to remount, rewire, and replumb everything.

The compressor gets hot, so your new/longer leader hose should be rated for heat. You’ll probably have to figure out how to integrate the check valve into your new leader hose. And since the compressor DOES get hot, don’t let it just roll around the floor - mount it to something.