New to it what do i get

Hey everyone i am new to and this is my first post. I am looking into gettin a kit but im not sure which one to get. I want something that will be loud and scare the sh*t out of people but im not tryin to spend everything that I have on it either. I will be puttin the kit into a 07 Chevy Duramax so I will have enough room. I just want to make sure that u can hear it really well over a diesel. From what I have been seein though doesn’t look like that will be a problem though. :smiley: Any advise that you guys can give would be greatly appricated.


any one of the s4 shocker kita from hornblasters are great! i’ve had 2 sets of them for a while and love them!

yea get a k3!
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check out this thread

^^^^^ Very good info there

try the new thread for newbies on what to choose

Here’s a question… what’s the difference between the Shocker and Conductor?

My Conductors are about 5 years old easily and still sound just as good as the day they were new!

the conductors, shocker S4’s and hb4h’s are all the same horns… the conductors special was one of the kits they had

yea the conductors special was just the kit name

Gotcha… and all that’s left from that kit now is the horn.

I changed over my system when I first started at VIAIR to a dual 420C compressor system, with two 2.5 gallon tanks. I was using a P/N 90111 pressure switch with relay for both compressors at the time (I know, stupid to overload the relay…) which burned out on me twice before going to an 80 amp relay - this one in particular:

(The one on the left)

Now I just need to drill one of my tanks and weld in a 1/2-inch NPT bung so I can feed the K5LA properly. I already have a 1/2-inch GC 450 valve for the K5LA.