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I have a 1989 Chevy Silverado Pickup and I am thinking about ordering the Nathan K-5 Train Horn kit to install on my truck. I am wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions where to mount the horns and the air tank and good places to run the air hoses.

run the horns where the spare tire would be at underneath…mount the tank and compressors in the bed… run airline down thru bed…

Johnny on here has a dual k5la on his silverado… search for his post

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Yeah ScaredU is right. That’s the way I’m mounting K5s. I have an F250 Super Duty and even tho it’s a big truck, it doesn’t offer much spare room. I am going to re-do my system sometime in the future and put a chrome 18gal. tank and the compressor in the bed. I am currently running it under the truck, mounted to the frame. But I have a steel tank, and it’s rusting real bad. I want my system to look good as well as sound good.
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Where do you put the spare tire?

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You put the spare in the bed when you go on a long trip. Or do like I do. Get AAA to come pick your ass up. LOL

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