New to the forum and have a couple quick questions

Hey guys, I was looking at getting the shocker classic 228vx kit from First I was wondering if that is a decent first time buy at $350 or should I step up a bit more?

It will be going on a 97 f150 and after looking through the forum and seeing a few pictures it looks like my best bet will be making a bracket to mount the horns in front of the radiator or behind/above the front bumper as I have seen on a couple of the newer style f150’s. The compressor/tank will more then likely be mounted on the passenger size frame or in the spare tire spot.

I was also wondering if anyone knew of anywhere to get a funny or clever push button for use with the horn, something along the lines of dont push the button or something like that.

I got my 228VX kit not long ago, and I had a couple of very pleasant surprises.

First, it came with the half inch OD main air supply line…basically what appears to be the full Shocker upgrade kit with the push-to-connect fittings on pretty much everything except the fitting that’s on the ViAir tank itself, and even that one is an easy push-on, and tighten-it-down deal. (The picture on the HB site shows the X-shaped distribution block, but the one I got is the one shown on the higher-end sets. No complaint from me!!)

I emailed HB and asked about some additional air fittings for the setup I’m working on, and one response that came from Garrett is worth noting…if you in any way disassemble the ViAir all-in-one air supply system (for example, if you take off the pump to mount the tank and pump separately), it’ll void your warranty. The reason I mention this is that I would also check with them to make sure the 280C compressor it comes with is weatherproof enough to be mounted outside. On my car it’s no issue…I have to mount mine inside due to the total lack of space to put it ANYwhere outside. (Once I get mine installed I’ll be putting up pictures and a honking video of the final product…you’ll see why…):smiley:

Get the bandit 300 very easy install i set my compressor to the fuse box with a switch next to the seat and a push button for the horn getting power from the same button I use on the compressor