New To The Forum!

Hey guys I just registered for the forum, ran into trouble trying to sign up for horn and whistle board so I gave up. So I chose this one which seems to work very nice. I currently own a Union Pacific Leslie rs3l, Southern Pacifc p3(new cast), Chicago and Northwestern k3ha, Emd steel bell, and a Commuter train Leslie rs2m. I look forward to being here thanks.:slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum. The H&W Board is still having some issues with mail I think.
Great collection btw… do share some pics if you have them.

Hi thanks, I have many pictures of them but they are all too large to post on here. There is a 20 kb limit and my pictures are 2+ mb.

You can put them onto photobucket and just link to them

Welcome to the forum. The Horn Whistle Board was having more issues than just e-mail. They’ve corrected most of it but I don’t know about e-mails.

Its moderator (Adam) says "A couple of people each year email me that they can’t figure out how to make an account. In each case, it’s because they either:

  1. Didn’t notice the special instructions in red beside the CAPTCHA code, and they are trying to enter the code, or
  2. They see the instructions but don’t know the answer to the trivia question.

Here are some pictures.

Very nice collection you have there.

I am currently trading horns and after the trade I will have the Amtrak k5la, Chicago and northwestern k3ha, union pacific rs3l, and the emd bell currently. I don’t have the others anymore, what kind of horns do you have? I am very close to Woodstock actually.


AS of now I have a Oc P3, Nc P5, Leslie RS-3L, K3HA, K5LA
GE Steel bell .