New to the site and have a question for those can find out!

Hello from SC! I am completely new here (having just found this site earlier today while in Physics class). I have to my name a NC Nathan Airchime P3 on the gulwing manifold and I love it!

Anyway, on to the question: Would anyone here happen to know someone or have access to the sales report/records of the NC P series? Specifically, I am asking that if I were to tell a serial number, could someone give me the information on who the horn was sold to? If so, feel free to reply here with any information that may be of use. The serial number of my horn is 34712.

Thanks for your time reading this, and I hope to hear news soon!

(P.S. I have tried to email Nathan Airchime their self over this subject, but at the time of writing this, I am going on two weeks without a reply from them…so I believe it is safe to say they are out of the question)

You wont be able to find out who bought the horn by that serial number tag. The only way to find out what railroad purchased it is if there are stamps on the horn somewhere or obvious railroad paint. Or if you were there when the horn was pulled from the Locomotive either by a scrapper or if you have close ties with someone who works at the railroad. Nathan will not respond to those requests just letting you know so you don’t waist your time. But that being said. Enjoy your horn I absolutely love the P series horns!

Thanks for the info. Shame I’ll never know the history of this horn tho.

Also, if it interest you, the only marks I can find that may clue to it’s history is the immense amounts of corrosion (or something like that; its a hard white talc or something) that is only on one side of the exterior of the bells and the opposite on the interior.