New to the train horns stuff

Hello, everyone my name is mike i am new to the whole train horn thing.
I am a audio competitor, work at a custom audio shop in florida we install horns every so often but i never got some for myself…
so figured i would read up on here grab some advice and hopefully find what im looking for!

Hello and welcome to the forums.

Welcome. If you can’t find it here, ask. Someone at Hornblasters should be able to help you too.


You have come to the right place to learn! Ask many questions, and feel free to help others installing stereos!

You looking for anything specific, or just ideas?

Trying to figure out best ways to run stuff, decent sets, looking at hornblaster shockers

Made a post in the train horn section

Ahhh I see it now…

Welcome. I think most of us are still newbys. LOL