new to train horns, check out my setup

Greg here, just sayin whats up. I have always been interested in the nathan airchime horns and finally broke down and bought not 1, but 2 horns. All my equipment has been ordered and should arrive on wednesday so i can begin my installation. Here is a list of the equipment i chose.

  1. 1 Nathan airchime K5LA
  2. 1 Nathan Airchime P3
  3. 2 Viar 480C compressor with 165/200 pressure switch
  4. 1 graham white valve
  5. 2 electronic solinoid valves
  6. 1 glowshift illuminated psi gauge with A pillar pod enclosure

and some other miscellanous stuff but for the most part that is my setup so far. In the future, i would really love to have an oasis compressor. I truley believe in that product and think it would be nice to have the f*#$ing awesome performance of an XD3000 or XD4000. I am a firm believer in “you get what you pay for”
Perhaps i will pick one up when i get my tax return.

kewl, but did you forget airline…?
Napa, Ca?!?

oh ya, i will be running 1/2" air line, and a 12 gallon tank.

nice set up bro
and welcome to the

Welcome Greg! Thanks for your confidence regarding our compressors, you won’t be disappointed if you get one.

Welcome Aboard Junky,
Sound like a sweeet setup your working on. Love to see and hear some videos when your done.

Welcome to the forum.