New to train horns NEED HELP

Ok so i bought the shocker classic 228 kit. I have everything mounted in my tool box horns on mounted on the bottom of the box and everything hooked up. I need help figuring how to run the wires. I would like to run just one horn at a time instead of using the stock horn button. I aint that smart with all this wiring poop and need a little hand to help out

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Do you just want a switch so your steering wheel button is either stock horn or shockers? That is a double throw toggle switch. There has to be a diagram around here somewhere.

Or you can totally leave your stock horn alone and just add a separate button for your shockers. That would be a momentary button or switch.

Just run a seperate power wire with a push button inline to the solenoid. Then the other wire off the solenoid to ground. That way you dont have to tamper with the wiring on the stock horn.

You want a separate push button to activate your horn? Is this what you want to know how to wire?

edit: i guess i was like 56 minutes late with this! lol

Well it came with that toggle switch.

That is probably a single throw switch for a master compressor shutoff.
Put that switch inline between your key-on ignition source and the pressure switch.

What do you want to do? Switch between stock & shockers -or- just add a separate button?

Ya I want to be able to choose

You will need a SPDT Toggle switch (3 prongs).
Cut the wire leading up to your stock horn.
Attach the wire going to the stock horn to one of the Side prongs.
Attach the wire leading back to the steering wheel to the Middle prong.
Attach a wire from the remaining Side prong to your shocker solenoid.

Here is a thread with a diagram. (Last post of the thread)

Actually I don’t want to mess with the stock horn keep it there and I would like to run a push button switch for the train horns

Then you just need any 12v source. I picked one that is hot all the time so the key doesn’t have to be on to honk.

Run a wire from your positive 12v source to one prong of your momentary button. It doesn’t matter which prong. Run a wire from the other prong to the red wire on the solenoid. Connect the black wire on the solenoid to a good ground.

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So to keep my compressor on when the key is on just run the power wire to an ignition wire and ground the black wire.

Well, yes and no haha.
Yes that is probably what your diagram says that came from Hornblasters…this:

But - that is a Viair 20005 air source and from Viair’s product page:
“The use of a 40-amp relay and an appropriately-rated fuse is strongly recommended to preserve the life of the pressure switch.” Here:

The compressor is a 280c and Viair’s wiring diagram - here: