New to train horns need help

i got a kit from air horns of texas and don’t relay understand how to wire it up. this is what i have a viair 20005 compressor and horns from united pacific horns. the kit did not come with a relay do i need one? and how do i wire it to my factory steering wheel but be able to use which horn i want

thanks for the help

Welcome to the forum.

I went to the Viair site and the 20005 has a 280C compressor which can draw 18 amps.
Here is their wiring diagram - I think they always show a relay…

For the horn solenoid and the steering wheel button, you’ll have to cut into the wire going to the stock horn and use a double throw toggle switch. The wire coming from the steering wheel goes to the middle prong. Then one outer prong goes to the stock horn - the other outer prong goes to your solenoid valve.

Ok what about the pressure switch what exactly is that for and is it possible for it to be mounted to the tank already? The only thing I got with my kit is a little push button that has 2 wires coming out of it guessing it’s the button you use if you don’t connect to steering wheel but not sure?

Welcome. The pressure switch tells the compressor at pressures to start and stop. I’m not sure what the other switch is for but it’s probably for horns.

Yes, it is probably already connected to a tank port like in their product picture. It’s a little barrel shaped thing with 2 wires coming out of it.