New Toy

Picked up a pair of video Spy Sunglasses from EBay last week for $20 bucks and went for a spin in the hotrod :slight_smile:

I know the quality is meh at best and the audio sucks, but it’s a neat little gadget :cool:

Should be good for hornblasting :wink:

Damn those are sweet for 20 bucks. Those would be good for scare vids. Whats the name of them so i can look em up??

video isnt all that bad… wheres the ebay link if u dont mind…

Tell him 98snakeeater sent you

sweet thanks!

Hmmmm…strip club??? LOL

LMAO!!! the possibilities are limitless

Actually, I thought the video wasn’t bad at all.

Same glasses at the local Fleet Farm, Gander Mt., Cabela’s are $169.

Thanks for the link - got some on the way.

OK, so I’m getting my a$$ handed to me by these “spy glasses” and the wife and kids are getting way too much enjoyment out of my suffering.

Any quick pointers you’re willing to share. The broken English instructions aren’t working well for me.:confused:

elaborate a little… how u gettin ur oven handed? and what isnt workin for u?

First problem - when I insert the included CD in my computer my McAfee goes crazy and indicates the .exe file has a virus.

Second problem - I’ve pushed the buttons in all different ways and can’t seem to get any vid / pics recorded. There’s only two buttons: ON/OFF and record so it shouldn’t be this hard.

I must be having a major DS attack!!

Words of wisdom??

I found your first problem, MCAFEE.

Mcafee sucks oven it thinks everything is a virus… disable it then install the software… as for recording does it have a memory card in it?? i dunno i havent bought the thing yet i was just lookin at its specs…

Thanks for the heads up on Mcafee.

I figured out the silly two buttons:

Push ON/OFF once then push the record button for video or long push record buttong for audio only.

Push ON/OFF then push it again to activate the camera.

The internal memory is good for about 4 seconds of video. I need to get a TF micro SC card.

Overall, I’m happy with it as it’s just for videoing my hunting fiascos. I’m too old to do the horn scaring, as I’d probably get my oven kicked! Oh, to be young again.