New Truck, New Install....Hornblasters shocker kit

Hey guys, got myself a new Ram 1500, slowly been getting some work done (HID and LED everything, 2.5" Front/1.75" Rear leveling kit, Magnaflow exhaust, some others)…finally got some horns in there. Went with the Hornblasters Shocker kit again, was very happy with it in my F150. Here’s a few shots

Nice license plate! Very important in RI.

Oh, good install.

Haha, thanks man! Take it you’re somewhat local to know the big deal us Rhode Islanders make about low digit plates?

Been there, my three-digit RI plate was one of the first four hundred plates pressed at the turn of the prior century and was first used on a 1907 Nash Rambler.

Nice truck & loving the install, so much room!:smiley:

Nicely done but you may want to black out the license plate. It can be a source to your address.

Are you suggesting that people who see this plate online can/will do things that people on the open road can’t/won’t? I’d call that naive…

Something you display for all while driving really need not be blacked out online. Tens of thousands of people (if not more) have seen this plate on the open road … what’s a few more here? As if people with mobile phones or Polaroids can’t snap a photo while this vehicle is parked, driving, etc…

Yea, i dont really sweat the license plate thing…someone wants to find me, there are plenty of easier ways…

Nicely done. Lots of room under the front on that beast. Got any pics of the compressor & tank?

Thanks guys! And yes, here you go…

You guys are right about the license. I only suggested it becuase this is worldwide, not just local. It’s not a big deal either way.

Nicely done.

When my horns honk my license plates revolve/flip lol (unless I switch them off). Think you’re gonna complain and call the cops on me (not that they’d be able to do anything anyway), well you can just eat sh*t and think again Mr bystander…oh and honk hooooooonk :smiley:

That’s fine, but how do you fit the compressor and horns into an Austin Healy?

Use the same compartments James Bond did…:cool::D:rolleyes:

Is that an austin healey or an aston martin? I thought your question was serious, but incidentally you’d just daisy chain small interconnected air tanks with small or built-in compressors.

Sure, but then how do you still have room for the rocket launchers or the oil slick tanks?