New video of my Kahlenberg...

Took a little more footage of my horns today…

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Higher quality video -

Damn I wish that bell wasnt screwed up, otherwise I would trade ya a p3.

That settles it, im buying a psycoblasters haha. and Your Kahlenberg horns sound amazing

its soo sickkk haha

hahaha that ship horn sounds sick

thats a bad donkey vid…my pyshcoblasters sound just like urs… i wish they were more high pitched tho have u tried loweing the psi and seeing the sound difference?

no i havent tried lowering the psi because if i do it adjust psi for both horns…

did you already sell your 8 black horns?

thats d3 sounds good

lol… that d3 is awesome. where did you film that?? neighboor hood cul-de-sac??

behing a shopping center… lol

nice. been pulled over for it yet?

lol never been pulled over in 3 years all the cops wanna hear them or wanna know where to get them

yea, were the hell do you find a d3 anyway? i would love to have one or a t-3, though im sure they cost way to much for me anyway.

a t-3 new is prolly $2500 or so lol

i couldnt find one anywere. hell i couldn’t find any decent ship horns for sell really.

Do you still have your shocker setup and is it for sale ???

me?? its just the tank and compressor for sell, but i could sell you the shockers too for the right price. im selling the tank/ compressor for $130, i would sell the shockers for $220, a buddy of mine has a set and thats what he is selling it for.

Sorry to be confusing maroon platoon, I was actually asking version 7 but thanks for the reply anyhow:)

i thought that, but i could remember anything about him selling it, i had a bit to drink last night anyhow. lol.