New Years Eve Party

Guys and Gals alike,
We want to see your New Years Eve Celebrations. Weather you BLOW WHAT YA GOT or light off a bunch of fire works. Get it on tape and POST it in the “NEW YEARS VIDEO” section of

I would offer another THF Tee-Shirt for a contest, but only had a slight interest in previous contests.

I light my horns off every year.

Happy new year all! hope all is better in 2010!

I gave my horn a little “toot” :thumbup: Yea my neighbors hate me :jester:

The Horn Works

The Fire Works

I blasted everyone that passed by the road in front of our place while everyone else was busy with fireworks. :smiley: the comp worked overtime

I was at the ready at Midnight and blew off my horns.
I never honk them in my neighborhood, but as soon as I did - the call was answered way across town by another set of trainhorns…

My wife hates it when I blow them… My daughter on the other hand - LOVES IT!

I celebrated at some friends house. Great place for a party.