Newb from S. Louisiana

Just joined up here. Got my first set of train horns about 4 mos ago and absolutley love them.

I have a set of Nathan P5’s with a 5 gallon tank and a 200psi ebay compressor w/ 150 switch. Also have 1/2" air supply to the horns w/ a 1/2 solenoid switch.

I definatly run out of air quickly and the compressor is slow.

I want to upgrade to an 8 or 10 gallon tank and a compressor or compressors that can handle that tank size.

Again, Hello from S. Louisiana

Hello & welcome.

Well, how much room do you have & how much do you want to spend? The tanks have similar prices from 5-12 gallons, but you should have a compressor for every 5 gallons.

Got any pics?

Hey, thanks for the welcome! I actually don’t have any pics of it. The horn is mounted where the spare tire goes and the tank and comp are in a tool box in the bed. So, I actually have plenty room for tank and compressor wise. If I really do go bigger, I plan on cleaning up the wiring and stuff like that.

Welcome. Increasing your tank size will help but you’ll definitely need another compressor or you void the warranty depending on the brand of your existing one.

Oasis compressors don’t have the 5 gallon warranty limit. They fill 5 gallons from 0 to 150 PSI in 55 seconds.

^^^. This is def interesting. I do plan on getting an 8-10 gallon tank. Can you pm me a price or where to get the comp or compressors required for that volume. And also the model #'s and specs.


Oasis arent cheap. ->

For 10 gallons you could use 2x 444c’s as a cheaper route.

Welcome to the forums.

Thanks man. Yeah. After posting that I did a search. Phewww. I won’t buy one of those. I’ll just get a 2 pack viair. Maybe the 480’s.

It’s so frustrating when people react to a price and settle for something inferior that has less performance, tank size limits, and won’t last as long.

And we wonder why America has so many people unemployed - BUY AMERICAN!!!

I understand that. But it’s hard to justify that price for something that I don’t often use. I have other things to spend that $ on. Like the shop I’m building

I’m a newb to this. It seems like the oasis is tailored to the hard core train horn guys.

Dang. Looks like everyone bought Hornblasters out of their 12 gallon tanks. I was going to say get a 12 gallon and dual compressors - and continue to use your current compressor (might as well).

i just got dual 444s and 8 gallon tank…i have to start all over for my rebuild on a new car…