Newb here just got 1st set of horns.. Now What??

Well, i have been wanting a set of horns for my 2010 sierra for a few years now. Granted i wanted something like the p3 or k5 horns but i never went forward with it. SO, i was just given a pair of horns and figured this would be a good start. They are labeled BW DD-5 HORN.

I have no clue if i should just go ahead and put air to them and test them. If so what pressure. Or should i disassemble them and inspect them 1st.

If i should disassemble them what should i look for and what should i do. I would like to disassemble so i can refinish them at some point.

I heard a video on youtube of these and they sounded decent. Especially for my 1st set and the fact they were free.

You got yourself some Wabco (Westinghouse Air Brake Company) horns … neat. They should have some railway heritage. Not sure how readily you can get parts, so I’d be thinking twice before taking them apart. The screw in the back will undoubtedly be to set the diaphragm pressure. Put some standard shop air through them and see if they work before you go adjusting anything.

You should ask around at the Horn & Whistle board. Those guys should be able to tell you bit more on how to restore them.

Thanks for some info on them.

Is the train and whistle board part of this site?? or is it another site?

Would these horns complement 2-3 other DIY PVC horns that i have yet to build or are they kinda useless. I want a serious sounding horn setup in a DIY setup. I dont have the cash to buy a $1000+ horn setup. So a 3 horn complimenting my dd-5’s or a complete PVC 5 horn build.

I have learned build bigger and better the 1st time around. Otherwise in 2 months you will be wanting more.

:eek:OMG Nooooooooooo, its its own site, very informative people on there, very useful too, but may clam up and not be helpful if you mention this forum to them!!.:eek:

Oh yeah dont do things by halves chief :smiley:

HAHA YA, i installed a 3" lift on my GMC Sierra. 4 months later i ripped it off and installed a Mcgaughys 7"-9" SS lift. Had 35’s and a few months later went to 37’s.

Welcome to the forum. Do you go off road and air down those 37’s?

LOL… no, its just for show and some light trail riding. I have a 2002 silverado with 5" lift and 33’s that i use as a trail rig. My sierra is still to nice to beat it. Have a 1998 cherokee also that i am building into a serious trail rig. Still a long ways from completing it.

We used to be the manufacturer of Trailhead Automatic Tire Deflators and I was going to recommend them because they stop within 1/4 lb of their set point more consistantly than Staun.