Newbi here from Georgia

Hello I am new to this forum from Acworth Georgia. I would like to buy some train horns and a pa system soon but I am trying to stay on a budget. I already have a viair 280c compressor. So I guess I still need a tank and horns etc.


Welcome, and yes you will need the tank and horns

Thanks I can’t wait to get some extremely loud horns on the suburban.

welcome , gotta say this site is pretty sweet, lotta good info, if your on a budget i would suggest getting the shockers… there pretty freakin loud, its worth $50 more to get them over the outlaws imho.

Cool, Georgia here too… Welcome

Thanks, The shockers seem like there pretty loud for a decent price.

the shockers are the poop if u don’t want to spend 500-600 $$ in a real train horn, i almost use the shockers for 1 1/2 year and trust me they give me no truble at all, but if you can save for some k3 or k5 those are the real poop!!!

Welcome to the brotherhood.

Thanks, Hopefully I will have at least a 30 watt pa system on it’s way to my house soon.

it will it will, though i gotta say, paypal is much easier to deal with on ebay…