Newbie checking in....

My name’s Rick

I’m 31

and I’m a hornaholic :o

Started off with an HB4H set on my van many years ago, added a K3HA, then totalled the van (but saved the horns)…

Installed the K3HA on my current daily beater along with a pair of 5-Gal tanks and connected it to the factory alarm system (panic button ftmfw!!)

Put the HB4H’s on my lifted Golf Cart along with a wireless remote :wink:

Anyhoo, here are some old vids:

Welcome! and Nice Work!!!

Welcome. Looks good man

yep i remember your vids from awhile back. welcome!

Welcome to the forums… ya i always like ur videos…one of my fav was the trans am vs the moped…lol

Yes, welcome.

Whats kickin Rick! I’m Travis owner of the EX site… hopefully you remember me =) Glad to see you over here!

Why is it or they “EX” website(s)?

welcome welcome all!! :smiley:

because i no longer run them due to not having the time to keep them up

good reason

yea too much time whorin the forums! lol

i remember…made a couple of buddies laugh…but travis is a good guy…jeremy from