Newbie coming atchya

Hey guys, (assuming not too many females up in here)
I’m fairly new to the scene and have a few questions for the ones willing to help. I’ve read quite a few threads looking for the info I need but have found nothing specific to what I’m looking for. I’m the new owner of an AirChime and I was wondering JUST HOW to mount the manifold and to what to allow attachment of air for operation. Secondly, I’m looking into using this solenoid and was wondering as to what size (1/2",3/8", 1/4") would be best for this application. Thirdly, I’m considering using a #10 (10lb) CO2 tank because of my already 4x4 needs i.e. air tools, air locker, etc. and was wondering if anyone else is using CO2 and what they think of it. I’d really appreciate any feed back and information that you guys take the time to share. Thanks again

use the biggest valve you can get i have the 1/2" airlift valve and love it

I used a #20 co2 tank on my first set of horns only draw back is unless you have the inner tube modified you have to have the tank standing up so you dont blow the liquid co2 i would suggest a good onboard air system from hornblasters advantage of the air compressor is its renewable for free and has plenty of air to run air tools if needed and 200 psi is a lot safer in an accident than a 1000psi bomb =)

Welcome to the forums! Go with a 1/2in or larger solenoid, same with airline. C02!? don’t know or ever heard of anyone using that system. You’re better off getting an on board air system. Check Hornblasters they have some nice compact units and some larger set up’s too, depending on your available space.

co2 can be used there are a few people that use it but you also have to have regulators and all that plus the refilling

compressors are way to go

I like the idea of compressors, but in all honesty the idea of buying something that has a tendency to wear out and wait for kinda sucks. Besides like I mentioned before, I’m already going to be using a CO2 tank in the vehicle for other purposes. A CO2 tank allows you to use air tools at constant cycle as well as being able to reset your tires bead. A regulator is already something that I have and utilize as well. Its more readily available than Nitrogen and only cost about $6. to fill at the nearest Fire extinguisher shop. A 10lb tank will allow you to refill 85 33" tires before the tank is exhausted. I found this for you guys.

Thanks bro. :slight_smile:

Another thing gentlemen (I use that term loosely), where do I find an attaching ‘base’ for the manifold? Do I have to have one machined?

if thats the way you want to go co2 is completly fine to use as i said beore i used it in my first setup asfor a mounting plate to atach the horns to the truck yes you will probably have to have one fabricated just be carefull not to have the tank tiped and blow liquid that could freeze your solenoid valve and damage the rubber inside and could make airline brittle

It all depends on how you want to mount your horns. I used angle iron, two pieces spanned across both rear frame rails. Two mounting holes drilled into each angle iron where the manifold will be attached, spread apart enough to install a 1/2 pipe nipple between the iron into the manifold. Drill four holes on the frame rails and iron, bolt on or weld…or you can do something totally custom.