Newbie, couple of questions... Second time around.

Hey guys, I think I did it all wrong the first time, so wanted some advice
the second time around…

I have a 2000 Tundra, and I mounted both the compressor/tank and horns
under the bed, were the spare was located…
Things I did wrong,
mount the tank/compressor upside down
mount the horns upside down facing forward, no bonnets,
mounted the compressor directly to the battery,

needless to say the compressor went bad, as did the horn,

Anyway this time around a wanna do it right…

  1. I read mounting the compressor/tank sideways under the bed is better
    positioning?! Is that true?!

  2. Installing the trumpets facing the back so crap deosn’t fly in is better?!
    Installing bonnets would help?! Were can I purchase these bonnets?!

  3. I wanted to add a relay so only when the truck is on will the comprssor work,
    I noticed that the inline fuse is for 120 amps I believe, so what size
    relay can I use, will a 20 amp or 45 amp relay do the trick?!

Thanks guys, love the product and the sound…

wich kit do you have? is the compressor mounted to the tank or is it seperate?

this is the compressor… not seperate…

technicly that kit should be mounted upright to the drain valve would be able to drain the water out of your tank. if mounted sideways the water will not me able to drain properly and if mounted upside down the water runs a chance of running back into your compressor.

The horn i have mine mounted facing forward all though i have my front bumper guarding the openings if you travel on dirst roads or gravel it would probably be best to mount them facint to the rear.

I dont think they make any bonnets to fit those horns… if your not too worried about looks you could always take some window screen and ziptie it over the openings of the horns

Nice, thanks, how about the fuse, is a 20 enough?!

just give one of the guys at hornblasters a call they can tell you what fuse is needed for that compressor

Mounting an air source kit upside down is wrong on MANY fronts.

Drain cock: you can’t defeat gravity… not while still on Earth at least. Upsdie down you won’t be able to drain the tank.

Pressure switch: any accumulated moisture will sit on the pressure switch causing corrosion and misread air pressure.

Unit mounting: Upside down, the compressor is the first thing that debris and road trash will hit when driving. Plus it takes a whole lot of vertical room. One rock in the head of the compressor or in the leader hose and you’re caput!

And this has nothing to do with upside-down but:
Installation without a relay: is never a good idea unless you plan on replacing pressure switches often and like to put your compressor’s motor through all of the stress it can handle. About the only thing worse is to run a compressor without a check valve.

lolol you said cock…

yeah my first compressor i had never had a check valve on it prolly why it blew out the reeds wasn’t a viair though

i know my poop and i know lance knows his poop, so i say listen to what lance says,lol

i would listen to lance on this one. what kind of horns are you running anyways?