Newbie From SC

Hello all…I recently was giving the Jr Conductors Special (150 PSI 2 Gallon) horn set for my truck this past Christmas. I wish it was 200 psi though. Anyway I’ve already asked a question and received feedback so thanks for that. I live in Spartanburg SC and been tearing people up for about 2 weeks now. No matter how many times I scare someone I still laugh like it was my 1st time. Anyway thanks for your product and I’ve been telling others about it. Hopefully they will purchase something soon. Take it easy.

Semper Fi,
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welcome! ive had air horns for about 2 years and they never get old… haha

welcome, we’re here to help

welcome man, Semper Fi man!! I go to boot camp in less then two weeks!!

Have fun with that. It’s not going to be easy but it will be worth it when your done. Keep your head up and be fast. Good luck.

Sgt O


Welcome bud! See you around the forums.

Thanks man…I’ll be around.