Newbie from St Louie

Well after watching the videos I ordered a set. Conductor’s S4 Horn Kit with HornAir 540 Heavy Duty 5 Gallon Air System. I will take pics and vids of the install to show all. Does anyone else have this system installed and what to do you think about it?

congrats on the buy! welcome to the forums

They look great, the only thing was that the horns are plastic which disappointed me a first but after using my shop air compressor on the largest horn from the set, I have no problem with them. I will start the install after labor day, this is going to be fun.

they are well designed and also come with a life time guarantee… so no worries!

i have 8 of them on my truck laying flat right under my front end waiting for damage and nothing had hurt them yet i love them

Just put a set on my 04’ Ram. Trust me, you’re gonna love em’.

Got them installed and they are very loud, the only thing is the compressor seems to run alot so I need to check for leaks, but even with a possible air leak these things are awesome. Drove past a public swimming pool yesterday and got all the beautiful ladies to get up from tanning with one blow. Pictures of the install are attached along with one of my ride. Videos coming later.

love the truck… i would bag it…lol

Nice Truck & Nice Install!

found the air leak and fixed that but also noticed mositure in the tank, is there any recommendations on a filter

water traps! water traps! water traps!

Thanks again, I will install one this weekend.

also put a drain plug on the tank

got the water trap and drain plug installed, thanks to everyone for the info now time to scare people

just make sure you drain out your tank every now and then

yeah and it can get messy!

From what I understand moisture traps only remove moisture from the air exiting your tank, not from air entering your tank; correct me if I’m wrong. You can put 10 moisture traps between your tank and compressor but it won’t stop condensation from forming in your tank, install a drain cock on the bottom of your tank and drain at least every week.

your correct all those water traps are going to do is slow down flow of air to your horns the horns diaphrams are stainless and if your useing the hb4h they are made of plastic so there really wont be any corrosion of any kind water traps for horns are kind of a waste in IMO just drain your tank and you’ll be fine water traps are made for expensive air tools that need to be protected from elements

Yep, not to mention a waste of money…they’re not cheap. I use them for exactly that; pneumatic tools and paint guns. If a train horn, any train horn with stainless diaphragms can ingest water, ie. being in the rain, with no adverse affects then it can most certainly spew water vapor without damage.