Newbie from the UK. Hello.

Hello, I am currently building an air supply system on my truck, and plan to purchase a shocker 4 train horn, Any advice regarding the installation and the best air pressure to run at would be great.


150PSI but no more then 200PSi, recommended at least a 3 gallon tank but prefer a 5 gallon. Party on!

welcome to the forum, we’re here to help as you can see by Matt’s timely response.




welcome to the forum!

welcome man glad to see u made it over from youtube

200 psi and a 5 gallon tank is the way to go,i have a 15 gal and love it

Well I’m glad to have found this site, You have all the information anyone could need, i’ll spend some time checking through all the topics before posting any more questions.

Once again, thanks, :slight_smile:

a lot of the information may not be easy to find so go ahead and ask and don’t spend too much time looking

Hi Monte!,
Where abouts in the UK are you?
Good to see some other guys from this side of the pond are getting into the horns.

Hi Les,
I am in Weston Super Mare, where are you from? what kind of train horn do you have.