Newbie install help

Just bought a CONDUCTOR’S SPECIAL 8OB2 FAST-FILL TRAIN HORN KIT for my old class c rv.

Working on location plan for components. Preliminary look appears that the compressors Are going to have to be farther away from tank than the length of the ss braided charging line lengths. Existing lines are about 3 feet each. I think I’m going to meet 6-7 feet each. Is this going to be a problem?


Welcome to the forum.

Nice looking kit.

The lengths that should be short are everything after the valve, to prevent audible bleed down when turning off sound.

On my boat I have over 20’ between the tank and the valves, with inches after the valves. This permits a sharp / crisp on / off sound.

My setup includes a whistle, that wants / needs volume, so I used 1" ID hose to the tank.

I have to laugh at the term FAST-FILL with any 12V compressor other than Oasis. (shameless plug…LOL)