newbie question on pressure switch and pressure regulator

Hi everyone. I’m looking at some on-board air kits that come with pressure switches that are 110 on/145 off for example. I want to keep the pressure at maybe 115 for some Grover 1510s. My question is—will the compressor stay on until 145 psi is reached, then bleed down to the 115 that I’ve set on the regulator? I can’t imagine that the compressor will build pressure up to 115, then when I get to 110 (either with activating the horn or slow leakage) the compressor kicks on again?

I don’t want to go with a smaller kit that comes with a 90/120 switch, but maybe this is what I have to do? or else I don’t get a kit, but buy everything ala carte I guess? meaning get a 90/120 switch, and go ahead and get a 5 gallon tank, etc. Hope this wasn’t confusing.

Why not go larger to get more cfm’s. All you have to do is use a regulator for the desired psi to what you are running. As far as a pressure switch. It will build up to the high number and shut off the compressor. The if it leaks down or used down to the small number it will turn the compressor back on again. Depending on your compressor and tank arrangement kinda depends on what pressure switch to use.

^^Yup. If you want to limit the horns to 110psi, but keep higher pressure in the tank for air capacity, just use a regulator. You could even keep 200psi in the tank if the compressor is rated for it.

Oasis compressors go to 200 easily.