Newbie question

Hello my first post and I’m a total newbie , I got the hornblasters shocker kit, and it looks a little intimidating. I put it all together on a spare tire delete bracket . Now I have the viair relay built in its a gray box with the wires labeled, looks straight forward however there’s a wire labels trigger switch, now I’m assuming that’s the wire the goes to a keyed ignition source. Can I use a fuse tap to the fuse box or should I wire into a cigarette port. And the other question is the kit came with 2 wire toggle switch, do I tap into the keyed power wire. I’m kinda lost on what to do with the toggle switch. Any help would be great

Welcome to the forum.

This image shows how to wire a 12VDC relay. The wire and fuse connected to terminal 30 must be sufficient to handle the load current drawn by the compressor pump, same for the device wire connected to terminal 87.

A properly connected fuse tap will be a cleaner solution than using the cigarette lighter receptacle.

One wire on the switch will connect to fused 12VDC, the other wire connects to terminal 86 on the relay.