newby from Idaho

I have a few questions on installation of my new “outlaw” horn set. My hubby gave them to me for Christmas, and I want to install for the best tone and to keep them safe from the occasional 3-4 foot snow drift. I own a new style '07 Chevy Silverado extended cab with a 4 inch lift. I can hardly wait to hear these beautiful horns!!:smiley:

Hey! Welcome to the forum!! Sorry for the late reply…
Wow your hubby got you these! and you drive a lifted truck!! thats sweet…usually its the opposite, the wife buys the horns for the husband and he drives the truck… but i think this is awesome!!
So any pictures of the truck!!
And what questions do you have for the installation??

Welcome, pics are appreciated

My installation questions were answered for me as I checked out closer details on my truck. Under the hood won’t work as the compressor for my airbags is taking that spot. There doesn’t seem to be room in front of my radiator so tucking them up in the frame under the bed seems to be a last resort. My hubby is going to put the compressor and air tank in a truck bed tool box. Now my question is to point them down or straight out? My exhaust is modified and the pipe points down giving a super growl without the crackle you get with extended straight pipes. My other question is concerning tuning the chord. Can I alter the pitch or do they come with a factory tone? Sorry I took so long to get back, I just don’t do much on the computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Pic is the most recent. I’ll send more with the installation.

Being an Idahoan myself, your best bet would be to mount them under the bed so that it won’t matter what direction they face, you’ll hear them.

My K3LA is much bigger than the Outlaws, and I have mine facing down on my Ram 3500:

I’m going to move the mounting area this summer when I get my K5LL primed, painted, and ready for install … and the K3LA goes on the wife’s truck.


My concern is damaging the horns in the winter. Sometimes I’m the first one down my road and have snow drifts to buck through. Any trouble with this? Maybe some advice?

Welcome and nice truck. I like the rockers.
You’ll probably just have to pick a spot as high as you can. Maybe point them down or to the rear so they don’t fill up with snow.
They shouldn’t hang down any more than MarineOne’s K3. It doesn’t look too bad.

awesome looking truck!