Newby probl.

Just bought this kit
My probl is that only one horn is sounding (the largest), the mainline from the airtank goes to the solenoid valve, and the valve sits direct on the largest horn, my guess is that the first horn getting all the airflow/preasure ?? Any ideas ??

try to get the hose evenly spaced out to each horn

Thanx Twist, With the same length, all thre horns sounds great :smiley:
My only problem now ofcourse, is that i would like some more noise :mad:

Dang that was quick! You sir, have been bitten.
Oh well, you know what to do when you want more…

I started with a set not to dissimilar to that kit…

I hawe this extra airtank (coming from a brakesystem) If i hook it upp with the eksisting tank, i guess i can run with som bigger horns from Hornblasters ?
(excuse my bad english)

Yea you could, but your compressor is only 120 PSI so I dont know how long it would take to fill an extra tank.

Be careful when adding tanks with only one compressor. Over 5 gallons can void their warranty unless the compressor is Oasis.